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Our Company AMV has been working in the cookware sector for over 30 years starting its activity with the Design and Manufacturing of Tooling and Dies for the cold deformation of steel and aluminium.

In the last years we have mainly concentrated our efforts on five fronts:

1. The Manufacturing of moulds for cold deformation of aluminum and s/steel: raw aluminum, pre-coated aluminum, deep-drawing items, cutting with burring of aluminium, cutting of s/steel, cold forging of aluminium to max. 30 mm thickness.

2. Supply of Semi-Finished Articles: using presses with a tonnage capacity from min 30 to max. 5000 tons, lathes for trimming, CNC working stations to burr shaped items, such as grill pans, items with built-in side handles and car alloy wheels .

3. Continuous Research & Development to improve the performance of the existing items, all strictly protected by International Patents of design and technology.

4. Induction:
1) Economical Induction
2) High-quality Induction
3) Induction system for professional items (for restaurant, hotels etc..)
4) Non-scratches induction system to saveguard the kitchen plates.

5. Research of new customized lines also exclusive for all customers.

We strongly believe that our Company, thanks to its staff's long-term technical experience can represent a reliable and trusty partner due to our particular easiness to meet and satisfy the very different needs of our customers.

In fact, we are in the position to manage the customer at 360: we work side-by-side in co-operation with our customer's technical and production department assisting him since the first starting-up phase when using our moulds or, in case the customer decides to leave us directly in charge of the first prodution phase, we act as support for the production of the first lots of any new items, thus stamping the semi-finished product at our premises.

Thanks to the above, our customers are mainly represented by the cookware manufacturers of worldwide importance.

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